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Our partnerships with NACUMS, ACUMS, and CUMSA enable us to ensure that our solutions cater specifically to the unique needs of college and university mailers. Our commitment to advancing mailroom technology and best practices aligns seamlessly with the goals of these esteemed organizations.

Today's challenge

University mailrooms face an ever-evolving and constantly changing environment as the unsung heroes working behind the scenes to keep the campus connected and thriving. While inbound letter volume has declined for many, package volume is up significantly, creating new challenges related to storage and chain of custody. Meanwhile, the high demands from students and faculty for prompt and reliable service remain.

A modern solution for your university

Received Digital takes your inbound item operations to the next level. Hover over the icons below to learn how!

Key features

Image-based capture

Capturing an actual image of the envelope or package replaces outdated barcode scanning and gives recipients a real preview of their item.

Auto-assign and notify

Using OCR and machine learning technology, Received Digital automatically identifies the name on the envelope or label and notifies recipients.

Proof of pickup and delivery

Capture the recipient's signature or simply scan their unique QR code in the application for proof of pickup or delivery.

Automated reminders

Set up automatic reminders for students and faculty to ensure their mail and packages are not forgotten about.

Configurable to your campus

Choose from a number of workflows for different methods of storing and managing inbound items to match your specific environment.

Easy implementation

As a web-based application, no expensive set-up fees or high-cost customizations are required. Getting started is as simple as creating an account.

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