Features for maximizing mailroom efficiency

Received Digital is built to support the modern workplace with features that enhance mailroom operations and boost organizational productivity.

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Mailroom Management

Receive and distribute packages with a new level of efficiency and accountability by modernizing your mailroom with Received Digital.

Use your own device

Received Digital requires no special equipment. Simply use a standard tablet or mobile device with a camera and log in to the application via the web.

Measure KPIs

Meet organizational demands by measuring responsiveness and tracking mailroom KPIs with real-time analytics.

Efficient mail storage

Convert individual and departmental mailboxes to a more efficient and space conscious high-density mail storage and retrieval method, saving time and freeing up valuable space.

Automated Notifications

Improve responsiveness to inbound communications by automating notifications and reminders for recipients and mailroom staff.

Recipient notifications

Received Digital takes care of notifying recipients when they've received an item by automatically sending an email notification.

Automatic reminders

Never let a piece slip through the cracks. Received Digital keeps track of every item and continues to notify recipients until action is taken.

Mailroom notifications

The mailroom is notified of pending requests from recipients which allows items to be dealt with quickly and prevents pile-ups and delays.

Recipient Mailbox

Convert the outdated physical mailbox to a virtual mailbox to increase organizational productivity.

Anytime access

View mail and packages from anywhere, at any time, with a virtual mailbox that’s accessible via the web.

Sort, filter, and search

No more digging through stacks of paper and filing cabinets for mail. Find things easier with intuitive search.

Recipient-specific action rules

Recipients can set up rules for how they’d like their items handled by the mailroom, allowing for the most efficient distribution of communications.


Managers and administrators can be sure mail and package data is protected and members of the organization have appropriate access.

Web-based application

Received Digital makes mailroom data and analytics accessible at all times, regardless of work location.

Secure cloud storage

Digital records of all items received in the mailroom are securely stored in the cloud and accessible to only the people that need them.

User permissions

Give the members of your organization appropriate access within the application by assigning them to the role of admin, mailroom employee, or recipient.

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Key Features Received Digital Document Management Software Virtual Mailbox Services Package Tracking Software
Ease of use
End-to-end data control
Rapid recipient identification
Mailroom performance metrics
Automatic recipient notifications
Automated process workflows
Ease of implementation
Mailroom alerts
Efficient storage methodology
High-quality image capture
Chain of custody tracking
Envelope content imaging
Virtual mailbox search and retrieve
Price to value ratio

Frequently Asked Questions

Received Digital is ideal for companies receiving 25⁠–⁠500 pieces of mail and/or 5⁠–⁠50 packages per day.

Nope! You can use any standard tablet or mobile device with a camera to image mail and packages. Received Digital also works with any external camera connected to your device, so if you prefer to use a document camera connected to a computer, that works too!

When a recipient wants to see what’s inside an envelope, they can choose for the item to be opened and scanned. This gives the mailroom permission to open the envelope, image the contents, and pass them along to the recipient, all within Received Digital.

Yes! Received Digital is completely customizable to fit your environment, so your mailroom can choose to enable or disable any of the following actions: Recycle, Shred, Open & Scan, Mail to Me, Pick Up, and Forward.

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