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Everyone in your organization benefits when communications are distributed more effectively with Received Digital.

Mailroom Managers

Received Digital puts the information and data you need to run an efficient mailroom at your fingertips. Oversee operations with a greater level of visibility by monitoring metrics including peak volume levels, pending requests, and response time. Meanwhile, Received Digital does all the record keeping digitally so you don’t have to.

Mailroom manager viewing analytics on tablet

Mailroom Operators

Ensure every item received is accounted for with easy-to-use image capture. Adding a Location ID to items makes for quick retrieval and an organized mailroom. Reduce the time spent responding to recipient requests and inquiries by providing them with images of items as soon as they’re received.

Mailroom operator putting package on shelf

Finance Leaders

As a finance leader, managing the bottom line is always a priority. Received Digital helps improve the bottom line by eliminating waste and improving overall organizational productivity. Additionally, the risk of lost or misplaced items is eliminated, bringing a new level of confidence to operations.

Finance leader working on laptop


Imagine the convenience of having a preview of all your incoming mail and packages from wherever you are. Received Digital provides you with a virtual mailbox so you can preview and action your mail and packages with ease. This enables you to better prioritize your time and focus on high-value tasks.

Recipient working from home receiving mail notification

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