Modern Mailroom Management

Image incoming mail and packages and give recipients an actionable virtual mailbox

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Full chain of custody and tracking for all incoming mail and packages



Recipients can preview and action items from anywhere, at any time


more efficient

Eliminate secondary sorting and automate handling

Simplify the processing of incoming mail and packages

Reduce the time and cost associated with managing inbound items with a solution built to handle all mail and packages. Using a tablet or mobile device, quickly and easily image items and notify recipients.

Give recipients anytime access to their items with a virtual mailbox

Speed up responsiveness by providing recipients with automatic notifications and an image-rich preview so they can action their mail and packages immediately, whether working on-site or remotely. It’s Informed Delivery for business.

Gain full visibility with a dynamic dashboard and detailed reporting

Automatically track all mail and packages end-to-end, from receipt to recipient, for total accountability. A dynamic dashboard shows real-time mailroom analytics and detailed reporting provides full visibility into operations and trends.

Cultivate a secure and sustainable workplace by digitizing communications and recycling unwanted mail

Eliminate the risk for sensitive customer information to be mishandled with secure, digital delivery. Make disposal of unwanted mail easy by allowing recipients to request recycling with a single click, reducing the amount of paper that gets tossed in the trash.

Your team, with the power of Received Digital

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Mailroom Managers

Gain insight into key mail center metrics, and track every item received by the mailroom with full chain of custody and record of accountability

Mailroom operator picture

Mailroom Operators

Reduce the time required to sort, manage, and distribute mail and packages while eliminating lost, misplaced, and misrouted items

Finance leader picture

Finance Leaders

Reduce time and costs associated with inbound mail and package processes, and increase organizational productivity by improving response times

Why Received Digital?

All-in-one solution

Received Digital is designed to handle both mail and packages, creating total accountability for all incoming items.

Easy implementation

As a web-based application, no expensive set-up fees or high-cost customizations are required. Getting started is as simple as creating an account.

Simple image capture

Use any standard tablet or mobile device with a camera to quickly capture and route items. No special equipment is needed.

Automatic notifications

Received Digital notifies recipients of their items automatically, ensuring communications are distributed consistently and efficiently.

Item actioning

Recipients can request for items to be recycled, opened and scanned, forwarded, sent to their address, or prepared for pickup right within the application.

Automated workflows

Create recipient-specific actioning rules to maximize organizational productivity and ensure quick response times.

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