How Received Digital Works

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Mailroom captures images of incoming mail and packages

Using a tablet, mobile device, or any connected camera, snap a picture of the face of an envelope or package. Computer-vision technology recognizes the edges of an envelope and crops the image for you.

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Received Digital assigns and notifies automatically

Using a combination of OCR and machine-learning algorithms, Received Digital identifies the recipient name on the envelope or package label and assigns it to the right person. When it's time to notify recipients, a single email notification is sent to each person automatically.

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Recipients preview and action items

'You've got mail' takes on a whole new meaning when recipients can preview an image of the physical item in their virtual mailbox. Then, with the click of a button, recipients can request how they'd like the item to be handled by the mailroom.

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Mailroom completes requests and controls the process

Once a recipient actions an item, the mailroom is notified and completes the pending request. Received Digital does the work of remembering an item's location in a tray or on a shelf by maintaining its Location ID, a custom-set or auto-generated unique identifier.

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Management gains anytime access to mailroom analytics and activity

Managers gain new insight into mailroom efficiency with a key performance dashboard and can better allocate resources with historical reporting. Received Digital keeps records of each item’s full chain of custody to ensure end-to-end accountability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Received Digital is ideal for companies receiving 25⁠–⁠500 pieces of mail and/or 5⁠–⁠50 packages per day.

Nope! You can use any standard tablet or mobile device with a camera to image mail and packages. Received Digital also works with any external camera connected to your device, so if you prefer to use a document camera connected to a computer, that works too!

Yes! Received Digital is completely customizable to fit your environment, so your mailroom can choose to enable or disable any of the following actions: Recycle, Shred, Open & Scan, Mail, Pick Up, Deliver, and Forward.

When a recipient wants to see what’s inside an envelope, they can choose for the item to be opened and scanned. This gives the mailroom permission to open the envelope, image the contents, and pass them along to the recipient, all within Received Digital.

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