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Enhance security, convenience, and tenant satisfaction with an all-in-one solution for inbound mail and packages

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Today's challenge

Property management companies face unique challenges with managing inbound mail and packages in today's digital first, on-demand world. The sheer volume of inbound items received by properties with a large number of tenants requires efficient handling that manual processes simply can't deliver. Communicating package arrivals to all these recipients efficiently is another challenge, but necessary in order to meet tenants' high expectations for timely and secure deliveries. Tenant satisfaction suffers when property management staff are bogged down and distracted with issues related to security like misplacement, theft, and unauthorized access.

A modern solution for your property

Received Digital takes your inbound item operations to the next level. Hover over the icons below to learn how!

Key features

Virtual mailbox for every tenant

Position your property as a technology-driven leader, showcasing a commitment to tenant convenience, security, and innovation.

Automatic notifications

Make the notification process easy and efficient for staff while also boosting tenant satisfaction with quick communication.

Full event history

Bolster security and eliminate the risk of lost, stolen, or damaged mail and packages by tracking every item from receipt to recipient.

Strategic insights

Leverage data-driven insights from Received Digital’s dashboard of KPIs to track inbound trends, optimize operations, and refine services to tenants.

Proof of pickup and delivery

Capture the recipient's signature or simply scan their unique QR code in the application for proof of pickup or delivery.

Easy implementation

As a web-based application, no expensive set-up fees or high-cost customizations are required. Getting started is as simple as creating an account.

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