Automations in Received Digital allow you to create rules that automate recipient requests for items. Setting up an automation is helpful when a recipient requests the same action for every mail piece or package, or the mailroom simply wants to control the action that’s requested for any given recipient and item type.

While the possibilities are endless, here are a few examples where it might make sense to create an automation:

  • One recipient in particular needs all their mail opened and scanned
  • All recipients are required to pick up their packages
  • A handful of recipients need all their items mailed to them

What happens when an automation is set up?

When an automation is set up, a couple things happen a bit differently after the item is received and sent to the recipient:

  1. Since the request is made automatically, the recipient doesn’t have to action the item manually. 
  2. The recipient does not receive a new item notification unless the action set by the automation is Pick Up, in which case the recipient will receive confirmation of the Pick Up request.
  3. For the mailroom, the item goes straight to Pending Requests, allowing mailroom operators to respond to the request immediately.

Creating an automation

To create a new automation…

  1. Navigate to the Automations tab in the left menu.
  2. Click New Automation in the top right.

1. Give the automation a name

Start by giving the automation a descriptive name that gives you a general idea of what it’s for. For example, “Open and scan mail for accounting team.”

2. Choose an item type

Next, choose which type of items, mail or packages, you would like this automation set up for.

3. Choose recipients

Next, choose which recipients this automation should apply to. If you select All Recipients, you can also choose to exclude certain recipients in the field below.

If you select Specific Recipients, you will need to specify which recipients the automation will apply to.

4. Choose the request

Finally, select which action will be requested with this automation.

When you’re done, click Create Automation, and your new automation will be applied to items sent to recipients going forward.

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