The Summit at Danbury Enhances Tenant Experience with Received Digital

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The Summit at Danbury Enhances Tenant Experience with Received Digital

The Summit at Danbury is a large residential and commercial complex located in the heart of Danbury, Connecticut. It offers a range of amenities and services to its tenants, including residential apartments, commercial spaces, and shared facilities. With a diverse community of tenants and a high volume of package deliveries and incoming mail, managing logistics efficiently is crucial for maintaining tenant satisfaction and operational smoothness.


Before the integration of Received Digital, The Summit at Danbury faced several challenges stemming from the absence of a modern inbound package and mail solution. These challenges presented an opportunity for improvement, highlighting the need for a streamlined approach to package and mail management. Other property management firms may find parallels in these challenges, recognizing areas for enhancement within their own operations.

Centralized receiving bottlenecks

The absence of a system for managing and notifying recipients about inbound packages and mail led to congestion in the reception area. The volume of deliveries created challenges related to organizational efficiency, the recipient experience, and the overall aesthetics in the lobby as packages piled up. Shana Pierce, manager of reception, described it this way:

[There was] really not a good way to reach out to the tenants. It wasn't streamlined. I'd have to email them separately and take the time to write out where their package was . . . and I think that was the biggest challenge, definitely.

This situation prompted The Summit at Danbury to find a solution that would optimize the flow of operations and enhance the overall experience for tenants and staff alike.

Communication with tenants

Without real-time notifications or an efficient tracking mechanism, tenants experienced delays in receiving information about their deliveries. The desire to improve tenant satisfaction and foster stronger communication channels prompted The Summit at Danbury to find a solution that would enhance transparency and trust between the property management team and its tenants.

Potential security risks

The centralized storage of packages in the reception area presented challenges in maintaining security and accountability. Recognizing the importance of safeguarding tenants’ belongings, The Summit at Danbury sought to implement a solution that would minimize the risk of lost or misplaced items, thus fostering a sense of secure and reliable parcel management.

Streamlining mail handling

In addition to package management challenges, the management team identified opportunities for improvement in handling incoming mail for tenants. The desire to optimize this process prompted The Summit at Danbury to explore solutions that would streamline mail handling in addition to packages. The vision for The Summit at Danbury is to offer additional services related to mail management in the future, further differentiating the exceptional experience they hope to create for their tenants.


The implementation of Received Digital at The Summit at Danbury brought forth a host of impactful features that significantly enhanced the inbound package management process. With an immediate impact on staff and tenant experience, Received Digital has become a critical tool for their facility management.


Recipient notification

By providing recipients with instant notifications upon the arrival of mail or packages, Received Digital ensures timely communication and heightened transparency. Tenants are empowered with real-time updates and an actual image of their item, fostering greater trust and quicker turnarounds.

People are much quicker to come and grab their packages. I think that's probably because they have a picture, they know exactly where it's located. It's easy, and really I don't have to interact with them very much, and they don't have to interact with me.

Storage location management

Received Digital offers The Summit at Danbury an efficient and secure system for managing package and mail storage. With storage location management built right into the application, staff can now easily organize items, eliminating messy piles of packages and enhancing overall efficiency.

Event tracking

The detailed event tracking in Received Digital creates a comprehensive chain of custody log for every item that comes through the door. This not only facilitates accountability but also helps to mitigate liability risks for The Summit at Danbury, ensuring adherence to best practices and industry standards. Not to mention, every recipient appreciates having full visibility into their item’s status.

[The security aspect] is definitely much better because we have a record now. I take a picture of everything that comes in.

Auto assignment of recipient

Best-in-class auto-assignment eliminates the possibility of operator errors when assigning mail and packages to recipients. With a more reliable and accurate system than manual entry, the Summit at Danbury has better peace of mind knowing inbound items are being routed appropriately.

About Received Digital

Received Digital has reimagined the inbound mail and package receiving process, bringing a new and modern application to mailrooms big and small. The core of Received Digital is the virtual mailbox for recipients, which creates an interactive platform between the mail center and the recipients. With image-based notifications and a proprietary machine learning algorithm to automatically assign items to recipients, the entire inbound mail and parcel management process is modernized for greater efficiency.

In an industry where innovation is not expected, Received Digital stands alone, innovating with a customer-first approach.

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