Taking Charge of Mailroom Needs in 2022

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We’ve all flipped our calendars and rolled into a new year with new opportunities ahead in 2022. Along with these new opportunities, we will without a doubt have to tackle new and old challenges. Finding simple solutions that fit our environments and serve our needs is a priority for all of us. None of us want to create more complexity for ourselves!

Dealing with physical mail in the workplace

Like it or not, physical mail is still present in every business and must be dealt with. Paper mail does and will continue to serve a purpose. However, the reality of managing physical mail and packages and maintaining associated security and delivery time policies is often a cause for concern.

Be assured that layered in amongst the junk mail lies business critical communications that need prompt attention. Ignoring a stack of mail is bound to cause pertinent information to fall between the cracks or, at best, delay a response, causing a negative impact as the message is left unanswered for too long.

Consequences of outdated mailroom processes

Lost, misplaced, and misrouted mail and packages breed daily contention. Delayed pickups give rise to crowded mailrooms that steal the time of the mailroom operators as they attempt to figure out where to put the mounting pile and how to organize it. The receiving and distributing of the purely physical channel of mail has become cumbersome and inefficient, especially with so many employees working from home these days.

The mishandling of physical mail comes with serious consequences. Outdated mailroom processes fail to support company growth and customer satisfaction requirements and actually increase costs with constant handling and transporting of inbound items. Additionally, these outdated processes add to the lack of control and missed timelines. Falling short of evolving expectations creates frustrations for operators and recipients alike.

A new mailroom solution

With continued changes in work behavior, it’s time to rethink ways to foster and maintain efficiency within all channels of communication. Now more than ever, employees are asking for more flexibility in their work day in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Studies reveal that employees who are happy and satisfied with their work will perform better.

We’ve been working on a 2022 solution for you! Received Digital is designed specifically to solve the issues that are typically found in today’s modern work environment.

Do some of your employees want to work from a remote location? Do they want easy access to daily communications from the mailroom? Are you maintaining productivity expectations and speedy response times to inbound mail and packages? Are you keeping pace with your competitors as you consider change and lean into all things digital?

Received Digital allows you to easily convert incoming mail and packages into actionable, digital images to improve responsiveness and create accountability from receipt to recipient.

Distribute incoming mail and packages more efficiently

With fast and easy implementation, a mailroom operator armed with a tablet and Received Digital can easily capture images of inbound items and subsequently route them to the intended recipients, maximizing mailroom efficiency.  You can generate new flexibility and better support remote employees with automated notifications and reminders to ensure communications are distributed consistently and effectively.  Recipients are given the ability to preview and action their items, whether they need to be open and scanned, forwarded, prepared for pickup, or recycled. The secure platform allows for mail management from anywhere and at any time.

Come check out the modern way to manage incoming mail and packages!

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