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Who We Are

Digitalized Software is an independent software development company leveraging over 20 years of software development and postal industry experience. This combination of technological and practical experience gives us a unique perspective on developing software that modernizes legacy platforms and processes.

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Our Mission

To eliminate manual, redundant back office processes with intuitive, purpose built platforms, giving individuals the freedom to deliver more value to their organization by focusing on higher value tasks.

Core Values

There is always a better way:

we are open to new ideas and encourage challenging the status quo

Fast is better than slow:

decisions, customer response, technology, processes

People hold the real intelligence:

when you free people from redundant tasks, you allow their unique ideas to be developed

Teamwork makes the dream work:

the engagement of every employee drives business results

Do the right thing:

in how you treat others and in how you do business

Our Commitment

Your satisfaction is all that matters. We will listen to your ideas about how we can make our solutions better and communicate back when a new feature is deployed. You are never committed to a long term contract—we understand we must earn your business every day by delivering value to your organization.

Protecting Customer Data

Recognizing that corporate and customer data is under constant threat from cyber attacks, phishing scams, and human error, we design solutions that create transparency in how data is stored and managed. Using current data security technologies and maintaining compliance with best practices, our goal is to ensure your organization’s data is safe at all times.

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